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October: Factor influencing logistics real estate prices

It is a truism that online trade, which has been on the rise for years, is having a massive impact on the logistics industry. This trend was already clearly evident before the Corona crisis. But is logistics real estate now worth more than before the crisis? This is what the current study "Logistics and Real Estate" examines.
20.11.2020 Author/s: Dr. Joseph Frechen, Ralf Koschny

Different situation, new opportunities

The number of shops, especially in city centres, has been declining for years - now more than ever. What was considered a good retail location yesterday may be vacant today. Retailers and investors have to redesign their location policies. We explain how the changed situation is affecting the locations and rents of city centres, city districts, shopping centres, retail parks and local supply
10.11.2020 Author/s: Dierk Freitag

Good night? Hotel projects in Germany

No tourism, no events, no business trips - the mood in the hotel industry is gloomy, the economic outlook unclear. How does the crisis affect the different sectors? What is happening with project developments? Where are the big players investing anyway, and what is their plan B? A portrait of a shaken industry
13.10.2020 Author/s: Patrik Völtz

Between Demand, New Construction and Sustainability

The 6th study "Logistics and Real Estate" shows: Not only online trade and corona effects will lead to a huge increase in new construction in 2020. Nevertheless, the volume will not be sufficient to meet demand. On the other hand, soil sealing and source traffic are being criticized. The study therefore also shows how logistics real estate can become more sustainable
13.10.2020 Author/s: Dr. Heike Piasecki

Market Perspectives of Commercial Real Estate | Care Properties

For the autumn report of the ZIA, we analyzed investments, office, logistics, hotel and care properties. Here you can read our summary on senior care properties - this market is systemically relevant not only in the crisis
13.10.2020 Author/s: Andreas Schulten, Jeremy Feist

For Insiders: Building in the Ruhr Area

For the first time, the project Developer Study Ruhr 2020 sheds light on the market for project developments in the Ruhr area. Our team has evaluated more than 1,800 projects. The most important findings: Housing construction and logistics are currently in top form - but many well-known players in the Ruhr Area prefer to keep a low profile
09.10.2020 Author/s: Oliver Rohr

Market Perspectives of Commercial Real Estate | Office Market

For the autumn report of the ZIA, we analyzed investments, office, logistics, hotel and care properties. Here you can read our summary of the office market: It is (still) more stable than many people think
09.10.2020 Author/s: Andreas Schulten

Market Perspectives of Commercial Real Estate | General Location and Investments

For the autumn report of the ZIA, we analyzed investments, office, logistics, hotel and care properties. Please read our general assessment and the summary of investments and performance: The spectrum of corona influences is enormous
18.09.2020 Author/s: Patrik Völtz

Growth of Mega Distribution Centers Accelerates

Together with Buck Consultants International, bulwiengesa has analysed the European market for large-scale logistics properties. The most important results were summarised in a joint whitepaper
15.09.2020 Author/s: Oliver Strege

Hamburg, a Pearl

Hamburg is one of Germany's top residential locations with consistently good general conditions and prospects. Rising population figures lead to a growing demand for housing. More is being built than in most other A-cities - and sold well. A short portrait
09.09.2020 Author/s: Sven Carstensen

Buy or Rent?

Many companies willing to move ask themselves what is more economical: purchase or long-term rental? To support this decision, a large Berlin company commissioned the bulwiengesa appraisal. Especially for this purpose, our appraisers developed a comprehensive scenario analysis, which compares the payment flows and includes numerous factors
12.08.2020 Author/s: Ellen Heinrich

Conditions for Real Estate Developers are Changing

Demolition is out of question, according to the answers to our brief survey in April. Now we asked again. Hardly anyone now expects delays in construction and planning, but other factors have worsened
04.08.2020 Author/s: Dr. Joseph Frechen

Eight Trends in Germany's Highstreets

Everyone can see it: the top shopping streets and shopping centres are changing. An interactive tool that we developed on behalf of BMO Real Estate Partners makes future structural changes and opportunities visible for 141 German cities. The report also shows eight trends that will shape our highstreets in the future
09.07.2020 Author/s: Dierk Freitag

Hotels: Consolidation of a Booming Industry

Once again, we calculated the market volume of investable hotels with Union Investment. This has been growing for twelve years, reaching an all-time high in 2019. This is over for the time being, forecasts from 2020 onwards are hardly possible. Provided there’s no second wave of the virus, then at least the holiday hotel market might hope for a reasonably satisfactory second half of the year
10.06.2020 Author/s: Sven Carstensen

Remain Stable. Our Office Market Forecast

Every spring we publish the forecasts for each individual real estate segment; our RIWIS subscribers already know them. A glance at the office markets in class A and B cities shows cautious optimism: The markets will remain stable - despite declining employment, increased home office space and record completions
14.04.2020 Author/s: Ellen Heinrich

Signals For a Slump in New Construction

Within ten years, project developers have increased their space in the seven class A cities by around 30 percent - not enough to meet the demand for apartments and offices. And now our study "Real Estate Developers 2020" shows: Even before the Corona crisis, the total volume had already fallen significantly. Here are the most important results
23.03.2020 Author/s: Tobias Kassner und Patrik Völtz

Coca-Cola Vacates Logistics Facilities – How We can Assist Your Site-Finding Effort

Zoning land for logistics developments keeps getting harder in Germany. Which makes it all the more interesting to find out who is abandoning logistics sites and thereby releasing them for use by others. All it takes is a quick search in our real estate database
18.03.2020 Author/s: Tobias Kassner and Patrik Völtz

Investment Volume in Corporate Real Estate Has Never Been Higher

The market report of the Initiative Corporate Real Estate shows: Following an unexpected final spurt, corporate real estate for around EUR 3.1 billion has been traded in the full year 2019. This record volume comes as a surprise to many market players. At the same time, the letting market lies idle
17.03.2020 Author/s: bulwiengesa

Coronavirus Crisis: 10 Expert Statements

In what ways does the coronavirus crisis affect the various real estate segments? How are economy and labour market developing? What effect does the crisis have on valuations? Our division heads will help you assessed the situation by sharing share their insights
04.03.2020 Author/s: Alexander Fieback und Oliver Rohr

Most German Metropolises Lack New-Build Offices

No less than eight of the writers in our team—covering the real estate segment office, Unternehmensimmobilien, logistics, hospitality and senior living—collaborated in drafting the Spring Report of the Immobilienweisen expert panel, published by the ZIA German Property Federation. Here are the key findings for the office segment
03.02.2020 Author/s: Jan Finke

Real Estate Prices Have been Rising for the Past 15 Years

The 44th bulwiengesa Property Index shows: The growth of German real estate prices slowed slightly to 4.7 percent. But there is no reason to speak of an actual downturn. The office market is positively booming while prices for plots zoned for residential and commercial development have soared. Below you will find the five main takeaways from this year’s index