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Chart of the Month

September: Office Market in Search of Orientation

The uncertainties of the first half of the year are depressing office space turnover in the class A cities. The spread of the home office and a possible loss of jobs with possibly lower space requirements in the long term are unsettling many players. However, current signals already point to a certain recovery in market conditions
31.10.2018 Author/s: Dr. Joseph Frechen

High-Tech Mirrors and Talking Storefronts – Physical Retailing Reloaded

Principally, retailers leave nothing to chance on their premises. But so far, only a few bold forerunners have implemented genuinely innovative technologies in their retail units. Especially shopping centres and high-street pitches will not get around the need to introduce certain new technologies
15.03.2018 Author/s: Sven Carstensen

The Mortgage Lending Value – Stabilising Anchor or Deadweight?

The mortgage lending value is the basis for the security of mortgage bonds. As is well known, reliance on this model helped Germany get through the financial crisis more or less unscathed. Yet the rigid limits do not represent an adequate response to the widening gap between fair market value and mortgage lending value. Or do they?