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October: Factor influencing logistics real estate prices

It is a truism that online trade, which has been on the rise for years, is having a massive impact on the logistics industry. This trend was already clearly evident before the Corona crisis. But is logistics real estate now worth more than before the crisis? This is what the current study "Logistics and Real Estate" examines.
21.06.2021 Author/s: Felix Embacher

Micro-living: Difficult Times, Active Investors

If you study online in your old children's room, you don't need a student flat. What is Corona doing to the micro-living industry? The third market report of the Micro-Living Initiative shows it. While rents and occupancy rates are falling again, the transaction volume is reaching pre-Corona levels again
04.06.2021 Author/s: Felix Embacher, Dr. Maximilian Schlachter

New Basic Study on Urban Quarters

The urban quarter has become an important component of modern urban planning. And a 200 billion euro market that offers enormous potential for investors and developers, not least due to megatrends such as urbanisation or sustainability. With Corestate, we have for the first time compiled a compendium of German urban quarters and provide an overview here
27.05.2021 Author/s: Sigrid Rautenberg

Our Spring Forecasts - Second Attempt at Recovery?

In a webinar, we presented our spring forecasts to around 550 clients and partners. Four of our experts for residential, office, retail and logistics as well as our chief economist gave an outlook and look at the biggest challenges for their segment. Read the summary here
21.05.2021 Author/s: Andrea Back-Ihrig

As Before the Boom: Hotel Investments Need Specialists

What's next for new hotel construction in Germany? Of the 34,000 rooms forecast for 2021, only 680 had been completed by February 2021. This was the result of the hotel study for our client benchmark. Construction activity continues to shift to B- and C-locations and tourist-driven regions. Long-stay concepts also benefit
18.05.2021 Author/s: Ellen Heinrich

"We're moving to the hinterland"

On the surface, new construction activity in the seven A-cities is stable, as shown by the 15th Project Developer Study. In detail, however, there are major shifts. The office segment is growing only listlessly, more and more apartments are being built by public developers, and traditional project developers are moving into the surrounding areas
05.05.2021 Author/s: Florian Wenner

Living Above Frankfurt's Clouds: Trend Over?

For a long time, the Frankfurt housing market knew only one direction: upwards. This applied to both price development and building height. Now, three prominent high-rise residential projects have been stopped or rescheduled. But the first risks of oversaturation were already evident in 2019.
03.05.2021 Author/s: Anna Buchmann and Felix Werner

Hanover: The Glass Is Three Quarters Full

We have once again prepared the property market report for the region and city of Hannover. The crisis has not left this basically stable location unscathed. The logistics sector received a gold star A. The trade fair city recorded declines in the office segment and - unsurprisingly - in the retail and hotel property business
Office Logistics Residential
27.04.2021 Author/s: Sven Carstensen and Anna Wolfgarten

Returns for the Brave

Now it has been published, the entire 5% Study. In a second webinar, we presented the most important results for the hotel, logistics and niche market segments, among others, together with partners from the practice. It becomes clear: The risks are increasing in some real estate markets - but this is not (yet) reflected in the returns everywhere
24.03.2021 Author/s: Alexander Fieback

Everything Within the Framework: Office Market in Germany

Despite the severe economic slump in 2020, many contrary developments could be observed on the German real estate markets. For the office property market, the pandemic initially meant abruptly: home offices and a halt to expansion. However, there can be no talk of disruption. This is shown by the developments in vacancies, completions and office employees.
04.03.2021 Author/s: Daniel Sopka

Online trade makes logistics space scarce

More is being ordered than ever before. But even before the pandemic, online trade was a major driver of demand for warehouse and logistics space. However, the location networks in the e-commerce sector are not yet fully developed - logistics companies continue to search for space of all sizes in all locations
Office Retail Residential
02.03.2021 Author/s: Sven Carstensen and Anna Wolfgarten

Yield for Experts at Most

In den meisten Assetklassen ist es noch einmal anspruchsvoller geworden, sichere Renditen zu erzielen, so die aktuelle „5 %-Studie“. Sogar bei traditionell häufig gehandelten, stabilen Assetklassen wie Büroimmobilien in A-Städten haben sich Risiko- und Renditespreizung enorm vergrößert. In einem Webinar haben wir die wichtigsten Ergebnisse für die Segmente Wohnen, Büro und Einzelhandel bereits vor Erscheinen der Studie im April vorgestellt
23.02.2021 Author/s: bulwiengesa

The Great Transformation - Which Uses Make Retail Properties More Resilient?

A department store is empty, the gaps in the shopping centre are piling up. What can be done? There is room for a hotel, a city logistics warehouse, flats for senior citizens or students, or smaller production facilities. A joint webinar with Union Investment highlighted the opportunities and challenges of mixed use. A summary
12.02.2021 Author/s: Andreas Wiegner

Stuttgart Office Property Market – Despite Corona a Real Pressure-Cooker Situation

23.50 euros per month and square metre - a proud price for Stuttgart office tenants. Nevertheless, vacancy rates have been falling for years, which is also due to the special location in the valley basin. The neighbouring municipalities benefit from this. There is still no indication that the number of office employees is falling, and construction activity is not meeting demand either
03.02.2021 Author/s: bulwiengesa

Corona Crisis: Expert Statements Reloaded

Mid-March 2020: Home office had been in place for a few days, stores and schools remained closed. The shock was deep-seated, as was the conviction that everything would be back to "normal" in a few weeks, or at most months. Under enormous uncertainty, 10 division managers had dared to take a look into the future for their segment. Now, hand on heart: Have the forecasts come true? And what are their current assessments?
20.01.2021 Author/s: Dr. Joseph Frechen

Concepts for Better Times

The Corona pandemic and digital changes are causing headaches for tenants and landlords of retail properties. What measures can be taken to regain the upper hand? The topics of restructuring and repositioning are undoubtedly on the agenda for the next few years
13.01.2021 Author/s: André Adami

Condominiums in Berlin: scarce and expensive

Our annual studies on new-build condominiums show: Prices in Berlin's inner-city districts continue to grow undisturbed by corona. The project developers' target group is often capital investors. At the moment, however, they might need a little longer to rent them out
08.01.2021 Author/s: Marcus Badmann

Real Estate Valuation in Times of Crisis

When news changes almost daily, transactions are missing and market events cannot simply be extrapolated, real estate valuers also face unusual challenges. In an article for "Immobilien & Finanzierung", we looked at the residential, office, retail, logistics and hotel segments from a valuer's perspective. A summary
18.12.2020 Author/s: Nicole Tietze

Survey on open plan office, home office and coworking

The impact of the crisis on office jobs is enormous. Since spring 2020, the "record chase" on the office leasing market (not only) in Berlin has come to an abrupt end. For the latest market report for Berliner Sparkasse, we not only compiled the classic market data, but also asked decision-makers about the future of open-plan offices, coworking and home offices. The answers: quite ambivalent
03.12.2020 Author/s: Felix Werner

More than Bremen Town Musicians

A construction boom in the housing market, large office projects and remarkable developments in the retail sector - the Real Estate Market Report for Bremen Economic Development provides data and details on current developments and shows where potential lies in difficult times
20.11.2020 Author/s: Felix Embacher

Micro-Living Initiative: Rents Fall Slightly

For the second market report of the Initiative Micro-Living, we evaluated the operating data of around 23,600 residential units in 115 apartment buildings nationwide. This shows that the segment is surprisingly crisis-resistant with an average occupancy rate of 90%