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August: Organic supermarkets boom in Corona crisis

The trend of consuming organic, vegan and sustainable products has intensified as a result of the Corona crisis. Organic supermarkets benefited particularly strongly from the lockdown last year. The sector was already well equipped thanks to massive expansion of floor space in previous years
Background Residential
02.05.2019 Author/s: Felix Embacher

European Rental Housing Markets: Where to Invest?

We studied the conditions for landlords and investors in 14 European countries. Would you have guessed the country with the highest investment recommendation?
25.04.2019 Author/s: André Adami

North Rhine-Westphalia in 2019: Subdued Housing Market Boom

The housing market in North Rhine-Westphalia is characterised by positive parameters. This is not about to change before the end of this year. That being said, developments within the state differ radically
10.04.2019 Author/s: Lina Wegener

Who Needs an Airport Anyway? Office Developments Near Schönefeld

While Berlin’s airport (BER) has yet to be finished, the area around it has serious potential for office development. Indeed, we suggested as much two years ago when presenting our survey of the local office real estate market at the airport. The 2019 update now reveals: There is a flurry of activity in the surroundings of BER, yet for the majority of developments it is important for the airport to open eventually
27.03.2019 Author/s: Nicole Dornig and Sven Carstensen

Robust and High-Yield: Office Markets in Second-Tier Cities

Once again, we studied the investment opportunities in 31 second-tier cities for DEMIRE. At the same time, we introduced the all-new Secondary Office Index (SOX): The new index will provide guidance to investors beyond the dated ABBA formula. Finally, we will also tell you which German cities have the best risk-return ratio
22.03.2019 Author/s: bulwiengesa

Fast Growth in Office Projects

Our 2019 Property Developer Survey will not be published until early April, but the key findings are already in. Yesterday, they were presented at an online press conference
20.03.2019 Author/s: Tobias Kassner

Logistics Regions: Potential Beyond the “Big 5”

The German logistics business is by no means limited to the metropolises. It is extremely important for logistics companies, project developers, investors and financiers that their logistics properties are located in sustainably attractive logistics regions. Our scoring system, published for the first time, shows what these regions are
11.02.2019 Author/s: Ralf-Peter Koschny

High-Street: Problem Child or Perennial Cash-Cow?

Signa’s takeover of Kaufhof implies a commitment to high-street retailing, as does the fact that online retailers are opening physical stores in prime high-street pitches. At the same time, sales figures are caving in, and investors expect no further rent increases. So, what is the way forward for high-street retailing? A brief commentary
03.01.2019 Author/s: Tobias Kassner

Logistics Beyond the Hype

The bread-and-butter business of logistics is transacted outside the city gates. But what makes a sound logistics region depends strongly on the market segment. Increasingly, it is also defined by the degree to which is can be customised for flexible use
22.11.2018 Author/s: Björn Bordscheck

New Scoring for Residential Locations with Strong Growth Prospects

Whether or not a property investment is fit for the future depends on many factors. One of them is how comfortable people are in it. In a survey of residential locations with a bright outlook (“Future Locations: Wohnlagen mit Perspektive”) that we conducted together with Wealthcap, we examined auspicious cities and micro-environments. A customised scoring evaluates macro- and micro-criteria simultaneously for the first time
31.10.2018 Author/s: Dr. Joseph Frechen

High-Tech Mirrors and Talking Storefronts – Physical Retailing Reloaded

Principally, retailers leave nothing to chance on their premises. But so far, only a few bold forerunners have implemented genuinely innovative technologies in their retail units. Especially shopping centres and high-street pitches will not get around the need to introduce certain new technologies
15.03.2018 Author/s: Sven Carstensen

The Mortgage Lending Value – Stabilising Anchor or Deadweight?

The mortgage lending value is the basis for the security of mortgage bonds. As is well known, reliance on this model helped Germany get through the financial crisis more or less unscathed. Yet the rigid limits do not represent an adequate response to the widening gap between fair market value and mortgage lending value. Or do they?