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10.11.2021 Author/s: Sven Carstensen und Anna Wolfgarten

Constant to desperate

Apparently nothing can shake the domestic real estate market - Germany is and remains the place to be for investors. Especially flats, logistics properties and offices in top locations are in constant to almost desperate demand. In other segments, however, risk premiums have continued to rise. The current 5 % study shows potential returns
21.07.2021 Author/s: bulwiengesa

Does it still work? Office project developments in the class A cities

The recently published project developer study examined, among other things, the current and planned project developments on the office markets of the class A cities. Here you will find the most important results as well as our expert statements for Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart
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27.04.2021 Author/s: Sven Carstensen and Anna Wolfgarten

Returns for the Brave

Now it has been published, the entire 5% Study. In a second webinar, we presented the most important results for the hotel, logistics and niche market segments, among others, together with partners from the practice. It becomes clear: The risks are increasing in some real estate markets - but this is not (yet) reflected in the returns everywhere
24.03.2021 Author/s: Alexander Fieback

Everything Within the Framework: Office Market in Germany

Despite the severe economic slump in 2020, many contrary developments could be observed on the German real estate markets. For the office property market, the pandemic initially meant abruptly: home offices and a halt to expansion. However, there can be no talk of disruption. This is shown by the developments in vacancies, completions and office employees.
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02.03.2021 Author/s: Sven Carstensen and Anna Wolfgarten

Yield for Experts at Most

In den meisten Assetklassen ist es noch einmal anspruchsvoller geworden, sichere Renditen zu erzielen, so die aktuelle „5 %-Studie“. Sogar bei traditionell häufig gehandelten, stabilen Assetklassen wie Büroimmobilien in A-Städten haben sich Risiko- und Renditespreizung enorm vergrößert. In einem Webinar haben wir die wichtigsten Ergebnisse für die Segmente Wohnen, Büro und Einzelhandel bereits vor Erscheinen der Studie im April vorgestellt
12.02.2021 Author/s: Andreas Wiegner

Stuttgart Office Property Market – Despite Corona a Real Pressure-Cooker Situation

23.50 euros per month and square metre - a proud price for Stuttgart office tenants. Nevertheless, vacancy rates have been falling for years, which is also due to the special location in the valley basin. The neighbouring municipalities benefit from this. There is still no indication that the number of office employees is falling, and construction activity is not meeting demand either
18.12.2020 Author/s: Nicole Tietze

Survey on open plan office, home office and coworking

The impact of the crisis on office jobs is enormous. Since spring 2020, the "record chase" on the office leasing market (not only) in Berlin has come to an abrupt end. For the latest market report for Berliner Sparkasse, we not only compiled the classic market data, but also asked decision-makers about the future of open-plan offices, coworking and home offices. The answers: quite ambivalent
09.10.2020 Author/s: Oliver Rohr

Market Perspectives of Commercial Real Estate | Office Market

For the autumn report of the ZIA, we analyzed investments, office, logistics, hotel and care properties. Here you can read our summary of the office market: It is (still) more stable than many people think
10.06.2020 Author/s: Sven Carstensen

Remain Stable. Our Office Market Forecast

Every spring we publish the forecasts for each individual real estate segment; our RIWIS subscribers already know them. A glance at the office markets in class A and B cities shows cautious optimism: The markets will remain stable - despite declining employment, increased home office space and record completions
04.03.2020 Author/s: Alexander Fieback und Oliver Rohr

Most German Metropolises Lack New-Build Offices

No less than eight of the writers in our team—covering the real estate segment office, Unternehmensimmobilien, logistics, hospitality and senior living—collaborated in drafting the Spring Report of the Immobilienweisen expert panel, published by the ZIA German Property Federation. Here are the key findings for the office segment
31.10.2019 Author/s: Alexander Fieback

Will Berlin as Office Location Be Left Behind? Far from It

Search and you shall find? Companies looking for new office accommodation—be it in order to up-size or down-size, be more centrally located or occupy newer quarters—have a hard time in Berlin these days. The market is swept clean, and prices are up. Many have decided to shelve their plans for the time being and to stay put. But despite the shortage of space and runaway prices, there is no reason to worry that this market may be falling behind
31.07.2019 Author/s: Alexander Fieback and Lina Wegener

Coworking in Berlin: Just a Hype?

Take trendy quarter or prestigious town core: At the moment, coworking spaces—or better put: “flexible workspaces”—are springing up everywhere in Berlin. The phenomenon is largely driven by the rapidly expanded start-up scene, but not exclusively so. In the market report for Berliner Sparkasse, we asked the question: Will this remain just a hype?
10.04.2019 Author/s: Lina Wegener

Who Needs an Airport Anyway? Office Developments Near Schönefeld

While Berlin’s airport (BER) has yet to be finished, the area around it has serious potential for office development. Indeed, we suggested as much two years ago when presenting our survey of the local office real estate market at the airport. The 2019 update now reveals: There is a flurry of activity in the surroundings of BER, yet for the majority of developments it is important for the airport to open eventually
27.03.2019 Author/s: Nicole Dornig and Sven Carstensen

Robust and High-Yield: Office Markets in Second-Tier Cities

Once again, we studied the investment opportunities in 31 second-tier cities for DEMIRE. At the same time, we introduced the all-new Secondary Office Index (SOX): The new index will provide guidance to investors beyond the dated ABBA formula. Finally, we will also tell you which German cities have the best risk-return ratio