August: Organic supermarkets boom in Corona crisis

August: Organic supermarkets boom in Corona crisis

Chart of the Month
02.08.2021 Author/s: Andrea Back-Ihrig

The trend of consuming organic, vegan and sustainable products has intensified as a result of the Corona crisis. Organic supermarkets benefited particularly strongly from the lockdown last year. The sector was already well equipped thanks to massive expansion of floor space in previous years.

"The organic food segment is growing - very dynamically, in fact." We wrote that here on the blog back in 2017. And indeed, organic supermarket operators have massively expanded their sales areas every year since 2013 - in the peak year of 2017, 63 new stores were added. This represents a more than twelve percent increase in sales space compared to the previous year.

Last year, by contrast, the number of organic stores increased only slightly overall, with just twelve new stores opening. In terms of sales, on the other hand, as our Chart of the Month for August shows, very high growth of 12.3% was achieved.

The good performance is also reflected above all in sales area productivity. This increased by an average of around 445 euros per square meter of sales area (10.2%) in 2020. The high number of home office employees and the temporary closure of restaurants and cafés, in addition to the trend towards the consumption of organic products, have led to customers buying more frequently, more and more expensively in organic stores.


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